Zondervan Publishing

Grand Rapids, Michigan

2003 US $22.99

Summary: A new NIV Bible for teenage fellows. This is an excellent resource that you will want to know more about.

Zondervan has given us another Bible for youth! This NIV translation is especially geared to teen boys—ages 13-16. It is ?a road map for every guy who wants to live a revolutionary, hard-hitting, difference-making life,? say the publishers.

The Bible is full of information geared to help a young man think about his life and relationship to God, and it is designed in a way that will appeal to this age level. Following are just some of the key features accompanying the Bible:

? 125 Battlelines interviews share solid insights from everyday, normal teen life about conflict, anger, music, addiction, and more

? 12 full-color tip-ins, share 100 Things Real Men Do, 70 Promises of God and other ideas to help young men revolutionize all aspects of their lives

? Over 200 Now or Never call-outs challenge youth to discover God\s truth on a variety of faith-related issues

? 100 Live the Adventure notes show how to change your life and revolutionize your impact on others

? 50 Match-Ups capture the conflict between good guys and bad guys of the Bible. Cain vs. Abel, Ahab vs. Elijah, David vs. Saul ... what to value and what to avoid

This and much more! If you are looking for a way to help young teen men gain more from the study of God\s word, this is a Bible that will help you do just that.