by John F. MacArthur

Crossway Books

Wheaton, Illinois

1997 US $12.99

Reviewed by Jean-Luc Lézeau, Acting Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

Integrity. What a challenge! John McArthur reminds us that as Christians we should first be people of integrity with our truth. This can only happen as we are involved in a life of meditating, studying, following, defending, living, and proclaiming the Word. He goes further in saying that to be people of integrity is to be in pursuit of godliness. Many are claiming to be engaged in that quest.

Unfortunately, the opposite of integrity—which is hypocrisy—is present in our midst. McArthur gives some response to this condition in later chapters when he deals with the antidote to hypocrisy and practical holiness.

The author uses some biblical characters like Daniel and Paul to illustrate examples of integrity. He could have used many more, like Joseph, who is first mentioned in the Bible as a man of principle and integrity. Good reading, a little heavy, but that is because it goes to the root of the matter.