Summary: This chart of financial goals is taken from the pre-work pages of the Good $ense Budget Course. The Budget Course available in English and Spanish is a practical financial plan designed to help Christians find financial freedom. See for more information.

Give serious consideration to your financial goals. Carefully considered, realistic goals—that flow out of what is really important to you—are powerful motivators. That motivation will be very helpful to you in following through on the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

Specific Goals to Achieve

Check the appropriate boxes and write in any details on the lines to the right of each item:

o Pay off debt:_____________________

o Save for a major purchase:_____________________

o Save for a vacation:_____________________

o Save for emergencies:_____________________

o Save to replace items that may _____________________

wear out (major appliances, car):

o Save for college expenses:_____________________

o Save for retirement:_____________________

o Increase my giving to the church:_____________________

o Increase other giving:_____________________

o Other:_____________________

o Other:_____________________

o Other:_____________________