by Gary Moore

Templeton Foundation Press

West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

2003 US $24.95

Reviewed by Jean-Luc Lézeau, Associate Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

Gary Moore is an interesting character in the world of Christian finance. Contrary to many self-proclaimed experts, he has decades of experience as a fund manager. In the 1980’s he wrote a book that Christianity Today called ?the first book of ethical investing.?

Stewardship leaders are suspected to have only one goal: devise means for more funds to come into the church to balance the budget. Gary takes a different approach: before you tell your members how to spend their money, you should tell them how to earn it!

He is not talking here about the kind of job a Christian should have, although a lot could be said about that subject. No, Moore is talking about the kind of investment a Christian should make. And there, he does not agree at all with what famed Christian counselors are saying today. Can we be, should we be, selective as to where we put our money? Certainly. It should not be the higher interest rate that attracts us, but the nature of the business and the management style should be determining factors in our choice.

Moore uses biblical examples to illustrate his position. A book worth reading; especially for those who have a little money left to invest!