Edited by William J. Carl, Jr.

Westminster John Knox Press

Louisville, Kentucky

1997 US $16.95

Reviewed by Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

The book, Graying Gracefully: Preaching to Older Adults, is written by seven authors?six from various protestant denominations and one Catholic priest of the Society of Jesus. The work is edited by William J. Carl, Jr., also one of the contributing authors. Each of the eight chapters in the volume contains an article and sermon by an author.

If you are looking for an understanding of the aged and inspiration for shepherding and preaching to the elderly, there is much here that is valuable. Because the book is written from various doctrinal perspectives, the leader who is reading should expect to find doctrinal differences and should keep this in mind.

The first two chapters are special favorites, including the article, ?The Graying Temple is Here and Now: A Challenge to Preaching? and the sermon, ?What’s So Good about Getting Old?? Lastly and specifically of value is the first part of Chapter 2, or the article, ?A Long Loving Look at the Real.?