Compiled & edited by Nathan Brown

Signs Publishing Company

Warburton, Victoria, Australia

2005 A$14.95

Also available through US Adventist

Book Centers: 1-800-765-6955

Reviewed by Erika F. Puni, Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

Ordinary People—Extraordinary God, edited by Nathan Brown, is a compilation of faith and commitment testimonies from the South Pacific Division. The common thread that runs through all of these stories is the fact that God is keenly interested in having a relationship with us. He ?is willing to engage with the most practical and mundane aspects of our lives? (p. v), and in this sense, He is an Extraordinary God. But the book is also about the believer who chooses ?to live life as a follower of Jesus, as a member of the kingdom of God today? (Ibid). This spiritual response and commitment to live under the rulership of Christ daily is what biblical stewardship is all about.

For too long, stewardship has been limited to the realm of church finances and the personal giving of tithes and offerings. But this collection of stories provides the reader with a holistic perspective on the subject that is centered in the person of Jesus Christ and is motivated by love. ?Stewardship then is about our love relation-ship with God, and it is expressed within the context of people in community? (p. ix).

Ordinary People—Extraordinary God is about the journey of fifty-five people like you and me who have had a personal experience with God. And in this book, they tell their stories with warmth, passion, conviction, humility and trust that will touch your heart. It is easy to read and ideal as a devotional, as each reading is accompanied by a Bible verse for meditation and reflection.