Summary: If you have been waiting for The Message Bible with verse numbers supplied, here it is! There are also more new features you will want to learn about.

The Message Bible, paraphrased from the original languages, has now been
produced to include the most requested features.

These new features include:

?Verse Numbers, an exclusively designed numbering system

?New Portable Size, 25% thinner and half pound lighter

?Deluxe Feel, wrapped in a padded cover with silver emboss

?Study Helps, handcrafted maps and charts that enhance the big picture of Scripture

?Improved Typeset, while maintaining excellent readability

?Satin Ribbon Marker, to more easily keep your place

In our review of the new Message, we are happy to see the new numbering, although it would be nice to see all texts numbered, rather than a span of several verses. In all fairness, we can see how this would be difficult to accomplish, due to the nature of the translation. The typeset is indeed more readable and the margins generous.

?I am sixty-four, a minister’s daughter who has heard and read the Bible all my life. Now I have just read Luke in a few hours, unable to stop. New insights and tears.?