by Robert Strand

Evergreen Press

Theodore, Alabama

2005 US $10.99

Reviewed by Will Eva, Associate Pastor, SpencervilleSDAChurch

The book, The B Word: the Purpose and Power of the Blessing by Robert Strand, is short and interesting—even absorbing—with many down-to-earth stories that illustrate its central theme. The work is highly practical and has the potential for making a positive difference in the way we relate to our children or anyone who is part of our lives.

Strand describes the heart of the biblical act of giving and receiving blessings in our daily interaction with one another. He opens up the largely forgotten power, relevance and practicality of actually blessing one another or encountering the blessing of God. One thing is certain, this book will radically change the rather droll conceptions we tend to hold by default when it comes to the whole idea of blessing this and blessing that or them.…

The author shares how significant the practice of giving and receiving blessings was to the lives of biblical heroes. He exposes the powerful influences set in motion by this important act and contrasts the dramatic difference with what happens when no blessing is given. Says one single mother who practices the principles of the book: “The attitude of my eight-year-old son has taken a dramatic change for the better. I cannot believe it! I even like him now. I’ve always loved him, but “the blessing” has made the difference.”