By Paul Cedar
Word Publishing
Nashville, Tennessee

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward staff

Imagine what it would have been like to eavesdrop on the prayers of Jesus. What an incredible experience it would have been to hear a conversation between the Son of God and His heavenly Father. Prayer is one of the most important, intimate acts of Christians, and yet we continue to travel through life carrying our own burdens, suffering through guilt and agonizing over decisions which can be easily passed to the Lord in prayer. Many of the greatest blessings in life come as answers to prayer, but still many of us do not know how to pray fervently and consistently, intimately and humbly.

Paul Cedar, in A Life of Prayer, takes on the role of mentor to guide us through cultivating a life of daily prayer. After addressing the purpose and unlimited potential of prayer, Cedar addresses such issues as: Determining the proper posture of prayer; Claiming God’s promise through prayer; Realizing God’s protection through prayer; Avoiding the Pharisees’ approach to prayer.

A Life of Prayer offers practical suggestions, sample prayers, and two personal prayer notebooks to guide and strengthen your prayer time.