Màrio Brito, Stewardship Director, Euro-Africa Division

Summary: Stewardship director shares insightful comments about his division.

We are happy for the opportunity to receive your visit in this space allocated to us, hoping that one day you can come and visit us in our widespread geographical territory which includes countries from Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East representing a wide variety of cultures and peoples


Our purpose

We are fully persuaded that our stay in this world is not just a time for us to enjoy His most abundant blessings; it is also an opportunity to help people around us to overcome, by God’s grace and power, the terrible effects of sin in their lives. As we help those around us in achieving this purpose we help ourselves.

Stewardship in a nutshell

Stewardship first began when God created Adam and Eve in His own image. They were supposed to share intimacy with Him and to act as His representatives managing His affairs on this earth. The more they shared intimacy with God, recognizing His Lordship and laboring according to His directions, the closer they would grow to Him, reflecting His image more and more clearly.

Sin, however, broke that intimacy and seriously distorted the image of God in humankind, who became self-centered. God didn’t give up. He put at work a plan to rescue humanity from the bondage of sin and its effects.

Sin is essentially selfishness. There is no better way of overcoming a self-centered lifestyle than to contemplate His unfathomable grace and generosity. We love Him because He first loved us.

When His love penetrates our souls we will naturally reciprocate it by loving Him above all things and also those around us as ourselves?with all we have and with all we are. In this way we become committed disciples, reproducing His unselfish love through a fully dedicated life and ministry.

Our mission

The Euro-Africa Division is committed to supporting all of the countries within its territory with materials, training programs and advice so that they can train and motivate faithful stewards.

The expression of love and care

Nature, with all its bounties, is one of the many ways God manifests His love and care towards us. Our pictures are meant to be a gift for you and a token of God’s care and love as manifested through some sceneries of our (the Euro-Africa Division) territory.