By Emilie Barnes
Harvest House Publishers
Eugene, Oregon


Reviewed by Maureen Hudgins, Secretary, General Conference Stewardship

Barnes begins the book saying, It’s too much, Lord! Just one thing after another--too much pain, too much worry, too much sadness, too many hard days, and endless nights, and I’m just so tired . . . . Lord, it’s just too much. Help!

This book is a reflection of lessons learned from troubles in life. It comes from personal experiences of the author who has seen her family go through separation, illnesses, depression, anger, and discouragement. Yet through it all, she felt the paralleled experience of growing closer to God.

The ending is truly a dose of encouragement to all of us who experience life at its worst: When my cup overflowed with trouble, You made my cup deeper and stronger. You washed it free of trouble and filled me to overflowing with Your goodness, and You keep on doing it every day of my life even when it’s raining. You are a God of abundant mercy. You are a God of abundant strength. You are a God of abundant blessings. It’s too much, Lord. But thank you!

I really enjoyed reading this book. It made me contemplate on my own life, take inventory of what my priorities are and where I stand with God.