Salomon Grah Assienin, Stewardship Director, West Central Africa Division

Summary: Stewardship Director Salomon Assienin talks about the Stewardship Summit in the West Central African Division.

The first ever Stewardship Summit in the West Central African Division was held in Ghana from the 9th-13th of April 2009 at the Valley View University Campus at Techiman. It was organized by the West Central African Division in collaboration with the Ghana Union Conference.

The objective of the summit was to introduce delegates to the new GC strategy for stewardship promotion.

Present was GC Vice President in charge of Stewardship, Pastor Armando Miranda. The GC Stewardship Director, Pastor Erika Puni stated: “Stewardship is the lifestyle of one who has a living relationship with Jesus Christ, accepts His lordship and walks in partnership with God, and acts as His agent to manage His affairs on earth. This transcends financial stewardship, which hitherto has been the emphasis.” Pastor Puni also noted that the summit was able to bring church leadership, district pastors, and laypersons together to learn more about wholistic stewardships.

“Too much attention has been given to financial stewards in the church, yet stewardship is wholistic, it is about one’s relationship with Christ and his response to God. Delegates must understand the principles of the new approach and then go back to adapt them to fit their environment,” said Pastor Puni.

The five day Summit featuring the theme “Faithfulness in the Mission of Hope” was attended by 300 delegates made up of church officers, pastors and laypersons.

Every year we are holding Annual Stewardship Revival during the first week of December in all our churches throughout the Division.

In November 28–December 5th, 2009 we held Stewardship revival in all the churches.

During WAD Year-end Committee (2008), it was voted to implement the combined offering plan across the division.

As we are getting closer to the end of the quinquennium, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of members returning an honest tithe. The stewardship department is determined to continue the work of tithe, offering and church finances education.