By Donna Partow
Bethany House Publishers
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reviewed by Dynamic Steward Staff

Is your self-confidence fragile or inconsistent? Do you feel strong enough to take on the world one day but on the next day, small things make you nervous and fretful? Then you need to take on Donna Partow’s challenge! Her book Walking in Total God-Confidence guarantees major changes in your life—a change in lifestyle, a change in purpose, a change in attitude—in just ten weeks.

Donna Partow is a bestselling author and Christian communicator with a compelling testimony of God’s transforming power. Her uncommon transparency and passion for Christ have made her a popular guest on more than 100 radio and TV shows.

This book helps you learn to rely completely on God for your confidence and sense of worth: Written in the same format as Partow’s bestselling book, Becoming a Vessel God Can Use, this book focuses on: 1) Learning the importance of being in His word daily; 2) Gaining energy through your faith by realizing nothing takes God by surprise; and 3) Seeking an open heart and mind that are ready for His plan.

Relying on your own self-confidence works in times of happiness, but what happens during difficult periods? There is another kind of confidence and it’s something completely different: God-confidence—the absolute assurance that God can do anything and everything He wants to do through you—regardless of your upbringing, circumstances, past successes or failures.

The ten-week study is both interactive and inspirational. There are thoughts to reflect on, points to learn, and assignments to complete. This book can be used as a personal spiritual growth plan or as a small group study. It would be a perfect study program for a series of mid-week prayer meetings.