By Henry Holloman
Word Publishing
Nashville, Tennessee

Reviewed by Benjamin C. Maxson, Director, General Conference Stewardship

Sanctification is the greatest work God is doing in the Christian life, the process through which He is making us more Christlike for our good and His glory. With these words, Holloman begins his treatment of sanctification as a dynamic reality in Christ. This book is a practical exploration of what is often a theoretical subject.

The author presents three different forms of sanctification. Positional Sanctification deals with being set apart in Christ, making Christians holy or saints; Progressive Sanctification describes the growth in Christlikeness and victory over sin through a partnership with God. Perfective Sanctification is glorification, where Christ transforms Christians into His likeness at His coming.

This work includes a discussion of God’s role in sanctification, including exploring how the Father planned sanctification, the Son provided sanctification, and the Holy Spirit performs sanctification. Holloman’s discussion of the spiritual union with Christ is especially helpful. He separates sanctification from the concept of maintaining our salvation. However, the reader will need to disregard the author’s view of eternal security.

The treatment of conquering sin through dealing with internal and external opposition to sanctification is also helpful. Repeatedly, the emphasis is on victory through Christ’s victory and the faith acceptance and integration of that victory into daily living. Throughout the book, the author presents practical applications, points, and illustrations that help clarify his understanding of sanctification.

Holloman also explores the role of spiritual disciplines in the process of sanctification. They are tools which help one grow in sanctification and are God- appointed practices to help one become more Christlike. Though not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, his discussion of this area is helpful. The author closes with the invitation to develop a lifetime plan for sanctification, and the challenge to actively pursue sanctification.

I found this book significant and helpful. It is well worth adding to one’s personal library and growth.