by R. Scott Rodin
InterVarsity Press
Downers Grove, Illinois
Reviewed by Benjamin C. Maxson, Director, General Conference Stewardship

Rodin’s treatment of stewardship is one of the best studies of biblical stewardship available today. The kingdom concept forms the backbone of his treatment of stewardship as a lifestyle. Especially helpful is his understanding of the Christian belonging to God’s kingdom alone. The idea of two kingdoms?one of the world and one under God’s control is a myth for Rodin. This challenges the contemporary lifestyle of a divided life and compartmentalized loyalties.

If we are truly stewards of God’s kingdom, then we have died to sin, repented of our old, kingdom building ways, come under the one lordship of God in Jesus Christ, and accepted the call and vocation of living a death-to-life existence marked by love of God and selfless service to our neighbor and creation. Being a steward in this sense is simply a definition of the new creation in Christ. For this reason we must see our call to be stewards as wrapped up wholly in our lives as Christians (p 166).

For Rodin, the biblical image of the steward brings perspective to what it means to be disciples. While he deals with the financial side of stewardship, he does so only after a thorough exploration of the real identity of the steward functioning within God’s kingdom. His treatment of the fund raising side of Christianity is especially helpful. He provides clear principles to guide the church in its approach to tithe and offerings within the broader scope of stewardship.

This book is a ?must read? for every leader in the church, and especially for those involved in stewardship ministry.