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PowerPoint presentations from past and current Stewardship leaders.

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Stewards of the Kingdom by Scott Rodin

I believe there is a great battle that is being waged. Huge cosmic internal battle that is under way right now and you and I are in the very center of it. It is the battle for the hearts of our members. It is a battle for the hearts of our organizations. It is a battle for our own hearts, my heart and your heart. The battle that is wagging right now is the battle for Lordship.

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Stewardship in Light of Wisdom

Slide show for use during offering or quiet times in the service or in small group discussions.

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On Thin Ice

You will want to view this PowerPoint by Dr. John Mathews titled, On Thin Ice, as he presents on Stewardship in a Postmodern Culture, Stewardship in the Church, and Stewardship in the Bible. Dr. Mathews was formerly director of Planned Giving and Trust Services for the Southwestern Union Conference of SDA. He currently is the stewardship director for the North American Division.

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