Prior to starting my beauty therapist business, I prayed for God's leading, which He did in so many ways. He supplied the finance and location, for which I am very thankful.

The first thing I did before opening the business was to place some advertising in the newspaper. I decided to put a small advertisement in five local newspapers, because that is all I could afford. I had to put it in the paper for at least six weeks to get the discount, which I did.

I opened for business the day after Easter, expecting the newspaper advertisements to come out the next day. But checking the paper for the advertising, I could not find my ad.

So I rang the paper. They apologised and promised that it would appear the next week. This went on for four weeks, with still no advertising in the newspaper.

Of course by this time I started to panic, thinking God had forsaken me and I would be left with all the bills, unable to pay.

I got on to the editor and told him my situation. He was so apologetic and wanted to make amends. That week, he sent out his reporter with a photographer and put half-page advertisements in all five newspapers.

The business never looked back. God knew that my little ad would be too small to really launch a new business.

I had that business in Ringwood, Victoria, for 20 years before-- seven years ago--I sold it and moved to New South Wales to be near our daughter.

It was hard at the time and I did doubt God, thinking that He had answered all my pre-planning prayers and wondering why He would let me down now. Today, my faith in Him only grows with each problem that comes my way.

Many miracles happened during my 20 years in business. My thanks goes to Him who provided for all my needs. God never failed to come through for me. Linnie Pohan now lives in Niagara Park, New South Wales.