Many people in our society seem to separate business from spirituality. But this book is one of the most practical guides that deconstructs that erroneous idea. At the same time, it offers a beautiful and comprehensive framework that allows any start-up or business owner to see their venture with a divine lens and improve on it.

Jesse Zwiker
Founder of Hyve

This masterpiece written by Dr. Ken Long about starting or growing a business could not be published at a more opportune time. The work has all the rudiments of an erudite scholar who systematically presents the fundamental principles of establishing a business with a focus on building God’s kingdom. This book has the potential of transforming ordinary people into business and spiritual giants.

Gandalal Samlalsingh, PhD
Stewardship/PGTS/ASI Director (Caribbean Union Conference)

If you are thinking of using your business for God’s glory, this book is a must. Dr. Ken Long does a wonderful job converting the Business Model Canvas—a validated tool in the business world—into the Model Steward Canvas, an easy yet powerful tool to design your business model, with God’s kingdom at the core. God will use this book to inspire you to surrender your business and your heart to Him, and bring many to His kingdom in the process.

Carlos E.Biaggi, PhD
Associate Professor, Dean for the Faculty of Business Administration
Middle East University