Stewardship Leadership Visitation (SLV)

The General Conference Stewardship directors, Marcos F. Bomfim (Dir.) and Aniel Barbe (Assoc. Dir.), are launching the Stewardship Leadership Visitation (SLV) initiative in December 2023. It aims to contact each World Division and Attached Field Stewardship director and spend time visiting them, primarily through virtual means, with in-person visits whenever possible.

Among other things, they want to pray with those Stewardship Directors, know about their dreams, the hindrances they face, and what resources or programs are used within their territories that can bless other parts of the world. But also, they want to hear how the GC Stewardship Ministries Department may better assist them.

The GC Stewardship Leadership Visitation initiative will start on December 07, 2023, and Roberto Herrera, Stewardship Director in the Interamerican Division, will be the first to be visited by the GC team. The 16 directors of the remaining Divisions or attached fields are being contacted to schedule a suitable time for that visit.

“If Stewardship Leaders around the world also visit their counterparts for praying together, for sharing their dreams, their challenges and resources, it may generate a synergy that will enhance our efficiency and so hasten Jesus’ return,” believe the GC Stewardship directors.


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