Holy Convocation Conducted in Brazil Via Live Streaming

Here are a few facts about the Holy Convocation.

The Purpose:

  • To bring revival and reformation to participating churches and pastors, with great emphasis on devotional habits encouraging people to put God First in the morning and also in other areas oftheir life, including their family and financial life; and also revitalize visitation as a ministerial component.

What to do, and how to prepare:

  • Choose a local field (not the whole union) – don’t make it too big.
  • All pastors of that field must participate, including departmental directors and administrators.
  • The program must last one full week.
  • It must be located in a city that has at least the number of churches enough to host one participing pastor in each church.
  • All pastors, each day, will have be exclusively dedicated to the program during that week, and they should not be encouraged to leave for another activity.
  • Summarizing the daily schedule (excluding the two Sabbaths):
    • Morning: devotional and Stewardship Council
    • Afternoon: visitation to church members with a specific agenda
    • Evening: revival and reformation preaching at the churches
  • On the last day, there will be a renewal of vows in all churches.

For more information about the Holy Convocation, please visit this link and follow all other related links at the bottom of the page: https://stewardship.adventist.org/%E2%80%8Bholy-convocation-what-is-it-and-what-to-do

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