Stewardship Pathfinder App

With the intention of teaching the principles of Christian Stewardship attractively and digitally for the new generations, the South American Division has developed an App called: Faithful Pathfinder. This App contains all the content of the Stewardship specialty, which is part of the Pathfinder.

This specialty is a requirement for the Camporee of the South American Division in 2019 and is also part of the 10 Day Prayer Project.

To be able to use all the resources of the APP, the Pathfinder must be registered in the Club Management System, and this helps in the control and organization of the club. In the App, it is possible to respond with texts or photos the requirements of this specialty, until its complete conclusion. In addition to the requirements, it is possible to watch videos about the subject or view the items in offline mode. As of the time this text was written, 59575 Pathfinders fulfilled the requirements of the Christian Stewardship specialty through the App. Pathfinders who completed the specialty through the application and are in the Camporee of the South American Division, which will take place in January in the city of Barretos, received a tithing envelope specially prepared for that occasion. We have received many positive responses from parents and leaders who have engaged the Pathfinder in this loyalty project.

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