Stewardship Leadership Visitation—IAD

On December 7, 2023, Roberto Herrera, Stewardship Director for the Interamerican Division, became the first Division director to be visited by Aniel Barbe (GC STW Associate Director) and Marcos Bomfim (GC STW Director), as part of the Stewardship Leadership Visitation initiative.

Despite the Interamerican Division's significant diversity, it stands out for having many countries with some of the smallest population/SDA member ratios in the world (more information is provided below).

The Stewardship Leadership Visitation (SLV) initiative aims to establish contact with every World Division and Attached Field Stewardship director, usually through virtual means, with in-person visits whenever possible.

During a typical Stewardship Leadership Visitation, among other things, Aniel and Marcos pray with Stewardship Directors and learn about their dreams, the hindrances they face, and what resources or programs are used within their territories that can bless other parts of the world. Above all, they want to hear how the GC Stewardship Ministries Department may better assist them.

To learn more about the Stewardship Leadership Visitation program, click here.  The next directors scheduled for visits are Heli Otamo-Csizmadia (TED) on February 01, 2024, and Julian Archer (SPD), on February 14-16, 2024.

Overview of the Inter-American Division:

Local Fields




Local Churches




Number of countries


Languages spoken

Population Per Member Ratio
Among the 34 countries worldwide with a Population Per Member Ratio equal to or below 30/Adventist, the Inter-American Division has 20 countries. Remarkably, the top three countries with the most favorable population per member ratio in the world are found within the Inter-American Division: Jamaica (8 people/Adventist), Grenada (9 people/Adventist), and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (9 people/Adventist).

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